Building a simple ridesharing website with Ruby on Rails

Earlier this year I completed a university course Programmatic Content Management. Part of the course was to build a website using a technology of your choice and implement at least CRUD features and  user log in & log out. Before taking the course, I had some experience from C++, HTML & CSS, but nothing really relevant to build a working web application. After doing to initial research, I decided to try Ruby on Rails. After learning the basics from Coursera, the framework seemed appropriate for the task at hand.


Twitter Sentiment Analysis with R | Slush Helsinki 2016

Slush, Europe’s leading startup event was held in Helsinki on November 30–December 1. With 15 000 attendees, 1500 startups and 800 investors, the event caused a clear spike in tweet numbers of @SlushHQ: As expected, the account has been the most active during the events around the globe. However, for some reason Slush Shanghai didn’t show as Read more about Twitter Sentiment Analysis with R | Slush Helsinki 2016[…]

Twitter network analysis with Gephi | Part 2

To continue the previous Twitter network analysis with Reaktor, I downloaded more data from Twitter. This time with a python script called twecoll, which produces a Gephi compatible graph file. Using this script requires setting up a Twitter app, since the script uses your app’s consumer key and secret. Running twecoll script is very straightforward:


Twitter network analysis with Gephi

Earlier this year I had a chance to do some social media network analysis and visualization with Gephi. This was done by scraping data from Twitter with NodeXL. Due the limitations of Twitter API, scraping enough tweets takes a lot of time. For this earlier project we used a Finnish tech company called Reaktor and Read more about Twitter network analysis with Gephi[…]

Trafi Open Data and Tableau

Trafi, or Finnish Transport Safety Agency develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and is responsible for transport system regulatory duties. For example, in 2015 there were more than 2.6 million passenger cars in circulation in Finland. Trafi issues permits, regulations, approvals and decisions and prepares legal rules regarding the Read more about Trafi Open Data and Tableau[…]