Building a simple ridesharing website with Ruby on Rails

Earlier this year I completed a university course Programmatic Content Management. Part of the course was to build a website using a technology of your choice and implement at least CRUD features and  user log in & log out. Before taking the course, I had some experience from C++, HTML & CSS, but nothing really relevant to build a working web application. After doing to initial research, I decided to try Ruby on Rails. After learning the basics from Coursera, the framework seemed appropriate for the task at hand.


Twitter Sentiment Analysis with R | Slush Helsinki 2016

Slush, Europe’s leading startup event was held in Helsinki on November 30–December 1. With 15 000 attendees, 1500 startups and 800 investors, the event caused a clear spike in tweet numbers of @SlushHQ: As expected, the account has been the most active during the events around the globe. However, for some reason Slush Shanghai didn’t show as Read more about Twitter Sentiment Analysis with R | Slush Helsinki 2016[…]

Twitter network analysis with Gephi | Part 2

To continue the previous Twitter network analysis with Reaktor, I downloaded more data from Twitter. This time with a python script called twecoll, which produces a Gephi compatible graph file. Using this script requires setting up a Twitter app, since the script uses your app’s consumer key and secret. Running twecoll script is very straightforward: